Constance 'Connie' Rice Portrait

El Mac's new mural in Los Angeles depicts civil rights attorney and activist Constance Rice.

Artist El Mac has once again displayed his incredibly photo-realistic techniques in a new mural.

Realized last month in Los Angeles, the larger-than-life project portraits civil rights attorney and activist Constance 'Connie' Rice. It was created in collaboration with LA Times Magazine; its current issue features an article by Rice and El Mac was commissioned to create a portrait of her (though not necessarily a mural).

El Mac says he wanted to realize a work that could exist outside of the magazine. His selected location – a wall of the Center for the Study of Political Graphics in West LA – as home for the mural, which was unviled on 1 January.

Photos courtesy El Mac and Carlo Gonzalez.

Billboard: Frame #120 Outnow
Billboard: Frame #120 Outnow

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