When the mission is to make the outdoors a year-round attraction

Bologna – When Italian brand Corradi came up with the Millenium® 10 years ago, they sought to solve a problem: how they could better structure the great outdoors, creating comfort beyond the confines of the house for all four seasons of the year? Millenium®, their first aluminium Pergotenda®, was the answer. But as evolution is in the company’s DNA, they asked themselves: How can a star product be improved? Their new answer: by allowing for detailed customization to serve a range of consumer preferences.

That’s why this year, celebrating the first decade of an iconic offering, the company has introduced the Millenium® Celeb. This sliding covering system provides elegant shelter and invites open-air enjoyment. To restyle the original for today, they took cues from a new generation of design talent: they enlisted young designers from Turin-based design school IAAD to help brainstorm innovative ways of updating the original Millenium®. Together, they came up with a way to celebrate the outdoor in all its spectrum: thorough customization.

Today, the main focus is moving to extreme functionality

With a wide variety of colours and materials, the Celeb is able to suit a range of aesthetic preferences, while still serving a functional purpose. Corradi was able to optimise the structure so that the user can manipulate the shelter’s closure and light: while Mother Nature might appear uncontrollable, the company is challenging that truth.

‘In 2008 the market was asking for strength, durability and ease of maintenance,’ said CEO Raf Segers. ‘Today, the main focus is moving to extreme functionality: Celeb can answer to multiple and simultaneous needs, without giving up elegance and neatness of the lines.’

Highly resistant to the elements and protective against solar rays, the Millenium® Celeb offers double shielding with glass doors and filtering vertical screens and is equipped with LED lighting. The option to customise the pillars with wood finishes allows the design to work seamlessly into the fabric of customers’ homes, while the modularity of the structures can reflect the narrative of existing architecture to create a new identity for any living space.

In another 10 years, our needs will inevitably change – the way we utilise our spaces to reap the benefits of the great outdoors will adapt to our evolving lifestyles. But in a way, the Millenium® Celeb already honours this trajectory of design – preparing for the needs of tomorrow, today.


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