Crockery Bone China Collection by Max Lamb for 1882 Ltd.

‘Crockery’ consists of simple objects with an unfinished feel.

Max Lamb is known to have a sense for material, and his new bone china tableware collection for ceramic producer 1882 Ltd. is no exception.

With the name of Crockery, the collection is slip-cast from hand-carved plaster models with glazed interior for functionality and raw exterior, giving it an unfinished appeal.

While slip-casting usually starts from the creation of a ‘master’ model by a professional model-maker, Lamp took both the design and model-making upon himself, bypassing one step of the process. By doing so, the London-based designer created a series of objects that sport a direct contact with his own creative feel.

Photos courtesy of Max Lamb

Billboard: German Design Council
Billboard: German Design Council

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