Cubic houses by ADEPT shift and slide into place

Cubic Houses by ADEPT. Photos Rasmus Hjortshøj – COAST

COPENHAGEN – You could make a perfect block... Or you could fool around with it, tweak it just right, to get something dynamic that’ll make you look twice and think that it could maybe move on its own. That is exactly what ADEPT have managed to do with the Cubic Houses, a recently completed residential block in Copenhagen.

The 8000 sq-m volume is broken down to eight individual ‘cubes’ that are stacked and shifted on top of each other. Each block amounts to five storeys – in its entirety it comes up to a ten-storey building – with an average of two spacious and simple apartment units per floor.

The architects differentiate each block by varying the window arrangements, balcony layouts and with the colour of the facades – subdued tones were chosen for the bricks, much like their Villa Platan. All of these variations create a playful design along the canal.

‘The design adapts to the overall urban scale of the neighbourhood, yet contributes to a varied and lively small scale atmosphere along the central canal,’ say the architects. The different facades and alignments generated by the blocks allow for a more dynamic elevation for a passer-by and contributes to a lively small scale atmosphere - all the while abiding to the client’s wish for a maximum amount of usable surface.

Plan - Level 01

Plan - Level 05


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