Cun Design bridges tradition and modernity with bamboo

Beijing – When Cun Design was tasked with creating a new office for marketing agency Elephant Parade, they chose to forego many materials present in modern architecture and instead opted for a natural and locally available alternative. Moso bamboo is used to artfully encompass the main staircase, transforming it into a sculptural centrepiece.

With the hope of creating a sanctuary from the workspace’s urban context, Cun Design approached the project with nature as a guide. Acknowledging the substantial amount of time people spend in the office, Cun Design questioned the ample use of concrete and glass in modern buildings and its impact on people. The studio sought to achieve a comfortable and contemporary space that does not mirror its cold urban context, by minimizing the use of concrete while centrally featuring natural materials. The office exudes a warm atmosphere without compromising the essential functions of a modern workplace. Through the application of bamboo, curved lines, and dyed oak floors, they achieved a space that is reminiscent more of an interior in the Chinese countryside than in the centre of Beijing.

The layout seeks to foster innovation, creativity, and encourage communication, while providing niches of privacy. Volumes placed within the structure fit like a puzzle, maintaining continuity while allowing for a variety of work environments. By concentrating the application of bamboo on the main staircase, the space is appealing and not overwhelming. Wooden floors and a natural palette create cohesion while giving visual priority to the bamboo. This central focal point alludes to the core values of the office by reserving space for tradition and nature in the middle of a metropolis. The resulting design is a modern office that is both inviting and respectful of its environmental context.

Location Building A, Xinanmen, Nananyihao, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

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