Milan comes to Miami to stage a classic piece of Italian drama

Miami – This wasn’t Curiosity’s first project for Dolce & Gabbana, but the brief remained the same as the others: ‘surprise me’. For the Italian fashion icon’s Miami store, the Japanese studio decided to combine the sun of Miami and the stateliness of Milan’s La Scala theatre – one of D&G’s favourite buildings – to go ‘behind the curtain’.

The curtain, in this instance, is a two-storey glass facade that uses wavy indentations and the California sun to make it look as if the material is rippling. In doing so, it sets the tone for a theatrical event that invites passers-by inside to witness for themselves. Once on the other side of the curtain, visitors are transported into a spectacular interior where the line between backstage and centre stage is blurred. Are the classic Italian sculptures performers or props? Or is the collection the real star of the show?

Top: The glass facade spans two storeys and its curtain-like appearance invites passers-by to take a peek behind it. | Bottom: A staircase made entirely of Italian Travertine is not only for visual effect – it also hosts mannequins that display the latest Dolce & Gabbana collections.

Used liberally throughout the store, Italian travertine could also claim a headline role, supported ably in its quest for luxury by a large baroque mirror and walnut furniture with polished steel and gold-velvet fittings. The only place in which you can really be sure what’s what is upstairs, where the exposed ceiling reveals the lighting rigs, a clear nod to a theatre’s backstage area.

This project was featured in the latest volume of our retail-design series, Powershop 6. Get your copy here.

Location: 148 NE 41st St Suite 108/208, Miami, FL 33137, United States

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