D house by Lode Architecture

The dark untreated wood planks of the first floor contrast with the glazed façade of the ground floor.

BRITTANY – On a river bank in Brittany, France, D house is camouflaged into its surroundings, assimilating the woods both in its glazed ground floor façade and the untreated wood planks of the first floor.

Jérôme Vinçon and Arnaud Lacoste of Paris based architecture studio Lode Architecture were trusted by their client with the design this 250-sq-m holiday house and succeeded in providing a getaway whose character can fit its owner’s moods. A simple, minimalist design based on clean, straight lines means that the house can serve as a cosy, intimate shelter just as well as a party venue. The house is not a mold of a certain lifestyle. On the contrary, the owner holds the power to shape it in line with his disposition.

According to the architects, the initial concept they created functioned as a strong guideline and accelerator to the overall design process: ‘After several sketches, we realized the house had to achieve two objectives: disappear into the wood and offer alternately an intimate setting or a festive venue. Considering this double problematic, the design of the house came very fast, with the contrasted treatment of the two levels’.

The ground floor’s glazed façade provides panoramic views to the river and woods and the light wells that cross the house from the first floor complete the blend of house and landscape, inviting the sky into the house.

Images courtesy of Daniel Moulinet courtesy of Lode Architecture


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