D/Struct Installation

D/Struct questions if you can own a product when it’s virtual.

Sixty objects have been smashed, crushed, blended and pulverized in attempt to demonstrate how a physical product can function in a digital environment.

The D/Struct project is seeking to digitalize products, in the same way that music and film have been. Dutch designers Lucas Maassen and Raw Colour (Daniera ter Haar and Christoph Brach) began with 60 products that they demolished and packed into clear plastic bags, removing any resemblance to their original forms. (Click here to see a video of the deconstruction process!)

‘We’re questioning the possibility to own a product when it is virtual,’ they say. ‘The technology of 3D scanning and 3D printing causes a decoupling of the shape of the product and the material it is made.’

They items are for sale online; the buyer will receive a complete 3D scan of the object along with the package. The goal, the designers say, is for him or her to trace the route back to the original or reconstruct a new version or variation.

D/Struct will be presented at Object Rotterdam (9 to 12 February) with MU – After the Bit Rush.

Object Rotterdam
Las Palmas LP 2
Wilheminakade 326, 3072 AP
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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