Danks & Bourke by Tony Owen Partners

Danks & Bourke is the latest addition to a fast growing creative hub in Waterloo, Australia.

WATERLOO – The newest addition to an up-and-coming hub of creativity in Waterloo, Australia, Danks & Bourke offices were designed by Tony Owen Partners to play the part. 

A refurbishment of a 1960‘s concrete furniture warehouse, the triangular building is located in the formal industrial area of Danks Street and contains office space, a supermarket, café and specialized retail over a total of 4000-sq-m. 

Tony Owen Partners used the vibrant atmosphere of the area as inspiration for Danks & Bourke. ‘The building will suit people in creative professions who benefit from a stimulating environment and a more casual working style,’ explains Tony Owen. ‘It will be a fun place to work and will have a fluidity that promotes social interaction among occupants.’ 

Owen sought to delve into modern office design, creating versatile work spaces with glazed walls, concrete floors and private balconies. These offices are organized around shared lounges, meeting rooms and other facilities. A central void space brings light into the building and creates a central street.

Images courtesy of Tony Owen Partners


Billboard: German Design Council
Billboard: German Design Council

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