A balance of opposites combines serenity and restlessness at a mountain-top retreat

Yuyao, China – Designed as a group of buildings in a setting comparable to the Acropolis, Lost Villa is a boutique hotel with 22 guest rooms, an on-site pool, hot spring, restaurant and bar. The site is surrounded by high mountains and deep valleys which offer guests a natural and romantic setting in which to relax and enjoy the secluded paradise. Responsible for the project, Das Lab explains that the act of ‘balancing opposites’ is behind the design inspiration: on the one hand, the location is open to the landscape, creating strong clashes between artificial work and nature; on the other, it provides a serene, restful environment despite the buzz of activity within the building complex.

Top: The hotel’s central core, which features the 44-seat restaurant, bar and reception area, reaches an internal height of 10 metres, with 8-m-high French windows on either side. | Middle: Lost Villa is a complex of house-shaped buildings which come together as a boutique hotel retreat in the eastern Zhejiang canyon landform. | Bottom: A continuation of transparency and free views is implemented in the guest rooms, where divisions are made up of clear glazing to keep sightlines open and make the interior space feel larger.

Laid out over three buildings, the expansive dining hall also caters for functions and parties, as well as hosting the check-in space. The flow of guests is optimised by a blurring of boundaries between the different communal areas of the hotel complex. A warm atmosphere is achieved through the use of natural materials, and contrasting corrugated steel wall cladding with large glazed openings onto the landscape. In all, the design epitomises the bidirectional nature of restlessness and the quiet, acting as an entertainment space for functions, while showing the isolated and tranquil scenes of the mountain forest outside: a balance of opposites.


This project was featured in the latest volume of our hospitalty-design series, Night Fever 6. Get your copy here.

Location No.71 Huanglinling, Dalan Town, Yuyao, Zhejiang, China

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