DDW16 gives a glimpse of tomorrow's shape

Dutch Invertuals exhibition at DDW15. Photo Boudewijn Bollmann, Dutch Design Week 2015

EINDHOVEN – Want to see the shape of tomorrow? Starting 22 October, Dutch Design Week 2016 puts the spotlight on the subject in the city of Eindhoven for nine days, illuminating the innovation and creativity which is scintillating there all year round.

La Bolleur's scenography hosts the DDA 2015 finalists at the Dutch Design Awards exhibition. Photo Bo van Veen, Dutch Design Week 2015

An audience from the world over will flock to the Dutch city – and based on trends of the annual event, to the tune of 275k visitors – to witness the work of 2500 designers holding the mindset of Dutch Design. But what does Dutch Design mean exactly? DDW itself suggests the term encompasses designs which have been conceived through a solution-oriented approach, and offer doses of functionality, humanism and humour to formulate something truly unconventional. The results are believed to stem from free thinkers whom give perspective to broad concepts plus readiness to collaborate with stakeholders.

Photo Sjoerd Eickmans, Dutch Design Week 2015

And truth be told, the mindset is held by designers originating from anywhere in the world. Whether it's smart solutions or inventive designs originating from Amsterdam or Australia, the presented perspectives of DDW will be nonetheless as promising as the next. Eighty locations across the city will host exhibitions, events, talks and best of all, celebrations at every turn.

Situated at the entrance of the Klokgebouw during the 2015 edition of Dutch Design Week, the DDW shop hosted by Frame was identified by expandable paper displays by molo. Photo Mees van den Ekart

DDW Shop by Frame
For the second year in a row, Frame curates the official DDW Shop. From the display design down to the designs displayed, the Frame store affirms retail is detail.

While we're busy concerning ourselves with design of the future, why not pen down all of the following dates into your agenda!

DDW 2016 22 – 30 October 2016
DDW 2017 21 – 39 October 2017
DDW 2018 20 – 28 October  2018
DDW 2019 19 – 27 October 2019 
DDW 2020 17 – 25 October 2020


Billboard: Summer Sale 18
Billboard: Summer Sale 18

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