De Sede's new brand identity is framed by a scalable spatial system

COLOGNE – In advance of the next imm trade fair which takes place later this month, we share the story of de Sede’s celebratory stand from the 2015 event, as detailed in our book Grand Stand 5.

‘Memorable places’ formed the focus of de Sede’s new brand identity that was created in celebration of the company’s fiftieth anniversary, and consequently informed the design of its fair stands during this period. Projekttriangle Design Studio, along with architects Hollin+Radoske, were briefed to develop a spatial system for exhibition that could be easily scaled from an intimate fair stand to a large presentation.

Reflecting this theme, the concept took inspiration from special places in nature, architecture and interiors. The stand appeared as a series of rooms-within-rooms in a tranquil setting, where open cubes were furnished with the company’s high-end leather furniture accompanied by images of dramatic Swiss mountainscapes.

Recalling the structure and rhythm of Japanese tea rooms, the cubes were made from powder-coated aluminium frames of different sizes and colours. With each one showcasing different furniture this resulted in different memorable spaces on the stand. Individual surfaces in each frame functioned as background screens, either transparent or semi-transparent with printed large-format landscape photographs by Martin Grothmaak, or opaque and minimally decorated with images and text.

All formats, grids and compositions were guided by the Fibonacci sequence. As the frames were placed on the floor in different ways, either as a platform or integrated into the floor, this resulted in a dynamic layout that invited visitors to engage with each cube in a different way. Interplaying the open frames were more enclosed niches for meeting areas screened off by high partitions. The oak flooring added a sense of warmth that complemented the minimal space. Using this modular framework system, the stand could be easily reconfigured and expanded or reduced in size according to the specific requirements of each presentation.


This project features in Grand Stand 5, which can be purchased here. We are now working on the next edition. If you have designed an eye-catching trade fair stand recently, we’d love to hear from you! Please get in touch:

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