Delta Stool by Stina Löfgren and Kristoffer Sundin

Delta Stool by Stina Löfgren and Kristoffer Sundin was presented during Stockholm Design Week.

Taking the idea of doodling on your desk to a whole new level, Konstfack graduates, Stina Löfgren and Kristoffer Sundin routed illustrations into the surface of a stool.

Using Löfgren’s talents as an illustrator and Sundin’s expertise in furniture making,the duo ccreated the piece using beech wood, a CNC router, filler and pigment. Although Löfgren has used various printing techniques in the past, the two decided to route her designs into the surface of the wood, keeping the handmade line drawings intact.

After the flat surfaces had been routed, the furniture was assembled and the grooves filled in with a filler mixed with pigments. Finally the pieces were given a coat of varnish for a smooth surface. Löfgren and Sundin presented the piece at the Örnsbergs auction during Stockholm Design Week. 

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