Den Plettede Gris by Henrik Vibskov

Fashion designer Henrik Vibskov is now also a coffee-shop proprietor.

In January, Henrik Vibskov told us that he says ‘yes to a lot of stuff’. (Frame 96, p. 099). Another ‘yes’ turned into a tiny-yet-trendy coffee bar in Copenhagen.

When Henrik Vibskov leased his new Copenhagen offices and workshop last year, the landlord had one condition: the spaces must include a public coffee bar. And that’s how Vibskov – fashion designer/costume extraordinaire/musician – also became a coffee-shop proprietor.

The space is part of the rejuvenation of the industrial ‘Paper Island’, nicknamed so in reference to its former life when it housed a cluster of paper mills. Den Plettede Gris – ‘the spotted pig’ – is the first thing visitors to the island encounter. ‘Pigs have been my animal symbol for 15 years,’ says Vibskov, whose graduation project was swine-centric.  

The 14-m2 coffee bar is located in the front section of Vibskov’s offices, next door to the large workshop. The exterior of the small 19th-century farmhouse-like building is conservatively decorated – black paint with white accents, small flower pots and topiaries dotted around – yet the interior is decidedly Vibskovian. ‘I was inspired by the interior of a piano,’ he says.  

Experienced as he is with creating fanciful environments from unexpected and/or mundane materials, Vibskov didn’t disappoint. Faced with a small room with low ceilings, he concentrated on the walls. Pine pegs of various lengths protrude, holding in place lengths of stretched black-elastic bands to form a pattern that grows more irregular as it reaches the ceiling. Furnished with casual, Vibskov-made seating, the space encourages coffee-drinkers to linger both inside and out.

Photos Alastair Philip Wiper

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