Dental Clinic by MMV Arquitecto

Crisp white walls, floors and ceilings result in a cube effect.

Inspired by the clarity of ice cubes, Miguel Marques Venâncio redesigned a 90-m2 dental clinic in Torres Vedras, Portugal. Light and sound diffusion create a contemplative environment, a silent refuge in the centre of the city. Breaking up the stark white interior, handcrafted glass walls maintain the same ethereal quality.

Venâncio, founder and principal of MMV, devised a layout that captured the energy of the location and accentuated it’s attributes. Coloured-glass was cut and melted into different thicknesses. Composed together as both exterior and interior walls, these glass collages blur the vibration of human movement and light.

As they enter the white cube of the reception area, visitors are taken on a spa-like experience. White laminated wood walls and ceilings are broken up by gaps, allowing light to shine through. Following the same pattern, leather benches seamlessly blend into the walls. White epoxy coated floors continue down a narrow corridor to examination rooms and offices.

In this case, the combination of recycled glass and an all-white interior soothes both patients and staff. For Venâncio, this project showcases his ethos perfectly: “When rational geometry meets abstract composition and nature is expressed with simplicity, the sublime can be achieved.”

Photos Fernando Guerra

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