Dental Club by OOS

OOS’s club lounge-cum-library greets patients at Dental Club.

In a bid to make a trip to the dentist (mildly) more pleasurable, OOS has realized a clinic that’s three worlds in one.

It’s not your typical sterile waiting room: OOS’s club lounge-cum-library greets patients at Dental Club in Lucerne, Switzerland. In the luxe space, defined by rich greens offset with warmer hues, visitors can browse a book or fiddle around on an iPad until the clock strikes appointment time.

The plush lounge appears even more so against the backdrop of the glossy-white ‘dentaliser’, a central zone beyond the reception desk. The architects describe it as a ‘neutralizing space around which the various rooms and activities – such as X-ray, office, bathroom and so on – are arranged’.

A trip to the last ‘world’ – the treatment room – places importance on the view of the patient: skywards. The lower half of the room is treated much like any typical surgery, while the ceiling – where the patient spends most of his time looking – is a map of oceans and islands. It’s meant to be a distraction, but it might feel more like a tease . . .

Photos courtesy of OOS



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