Tuxedo's DESIGN/WOOD is a terrace and series of experience boxes that invite visitors to discover varieties of wood.

Wood and fashion – an unlikely pairing – became intertwined for the 2013 Festival of Fashion and Design in Montreal. To celebrate the festival’s partnership with the Quebec Forest Industry Council, branding agency Tuxedo came up with the concept of DESIGN/WOOD, a terrace and series of experience boxes to animate the festival’s main mingling space.

The Fragrance Box allowed visitors to compare the scents of cedar, spruce or birch while the Density Box encouraged to scratch and write on the surfaces of cherry, maple and white pine. The designers say the aim was to inspire people to see wood as they do fabric, in terms of feel, smell and colour.

The Clean Carbon Box was filled with balls and balloons that highlight the reduced CO2 emissions of using wood in industry compared to other materials. Finally the Innovation Box was a showcase of new uses for wood, including nanocellulose, fabrics made of wood fibre and wood-polymer composites.

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