Deskopolitan by MoreySmith is a work-life environment

PARIS – A new co-working space has landed in the 10th arrondissement. Designed by MoreySmith, Deskopolitan is located in a former factory building and spans 1350-sq-m over four floors at Rue du Château d’Eau. 

Currently being let in its entirety to French presidential candidate Benoît Hamon to be his campaign headquarters, Deskopolitan was designed with start-ups and entrepreneurs in mind – professionals who want a space to socialize, interact and collaborate with like-minded people, says Linda Morey-Burrows, founder and principal director of MoreySmith. Challenging the traditional office concept with collaborative and social spaces, Deskopolitan offers assigned workspaces and flexible work settings, as well as artist studios, health and beauty suites, and spaces for networking events.

‘It was important to make a difference and provide people with a complete lifestyle alternative,’ says Morey-Burrows. After all, in today’s era of digital nomads, freelance armies, and remote-working opportunities, people can work quite comfortably from any café on any corner. There are also more and more co-working spaces opening up in cities around the world, many of which come equipped with leisure and dining areas. But it’s not enough to have somewhere to sit with a coffee and your laptop, Morey-Burrows insists.

‘We are providing services such as beauty rooms, nap rooms, barber shops and yoga studios to bring these lifestyle choices to the doorstep of work. We have increasingly busy lives and time is precious, so why not get your hair cut and have a place to do yoga at lunch time?’

The space echoes this fluidity, with bright, open interiors that flow into one another. The factory building’s heritage is preserved through the use of exposed concrete, burnished brass and copper mesh and glazed brick tiles, while a fresh, bright palette and ample plant life juxtapose the industrial aesthetic.

But the question remains whether having everything under one roof makes for a better or worse work-life balance. For Morey-Burrows, Deskopolitan at least improves existing conditions. ‘Although we are spending more and more time at work, workspace providers and top brand employers are realising that this can be a lifestyle choice as well as a requirement,’ explains Morey-Burrows.

‘Wellness, innovation and productivity are heavily linked to the spaces we interact with – reinventing the typical office and extending the facilities available on-site creates a unique working environment for clients and workforce alike.’

Billboard: Mack Brooks Exhibitions (Inprint)
Billboard: Mack Brooks Exhibitions (Inprint)

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