Distance by Jeppe Hein

A modular design using steel tracks makes it adjustable to various spatial settings, relating directly to the architectural configuration of the exhibition space.

Dynamic, big dipper constructions of Danish artist Jeppe Hein take up residence at Saint-Nazaire, France. The artist got the ball rolling in 2004 at the Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst, Germany, premiering his site-specific installation Distance.

Since then, it has travelled across the globe and settled in Saint-Nazaire this summer, at the city’s monumental space LiFE – initially established to store submarines during the war.The 1460-m2 hall has been injected with Hein’s steel tracks, running through the entire exhibition space.  When entering the room, visitors might think they are about to go on a thrilling rollercoaster ride – but in this case, they won’t have to be above ground to get involved. As the visitor makes their entrance, sensors react and sets a white plastic ball in motion, running the 800-m-long circuit. As the visitor follows the ball on its route, the next visitor triggers a new ball to pop up onto the tracks – resulting in a mesmerising experience of action and reaction when multiple spectators arrive.

Distance runs until 5 October 2014 at LiFE, Saint-Nazaire, France.

Jeppe Hein, Distance - Courtesy Johann König, Berlin and 303 Gallery, New York


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