A Japanese ceramics shop pays tribute to its local pottery trade

Hasami, Japan – Located in Japan’s Nagasaki prefecture, Hasami is famous for its pottery production. Home goods shop Ōyane Saikaitoki specializes in one particular form of the local ceramics craft: Saikai porcelain. Japanese design studio Do.Do. turned these roots into the heart and soul of the brand’s new shop and gallery.

In order to channel ‘the spirits of the artists’, every part of the interior and exterior space is related to the local pottery tradition. The roof of the main structure resembles that of a classic pottery factory from the region, while Saikai porcelain is used in details throughout the shop, from the toilets to the pottery shards on the steps that lead into the interior.

Top: The name Ōyane is derived from the Japanese word for large roof, and inspired the shape of the exterior event space. | Middle: Narra wood furniture provides an organic presence in the predominantly porcelain interior. | Bottom: Built-in millwork provides additional storage.

The location’s industrial credentials are underlined by the liberal use of boshi, known in English as 'saggars', throughout the interior. Saggars are ceramic, crate-like containers used to protect products inside a kiln oven; in Ōyane, they have been stacked in considerable numbers to form display tables, signs and walls. Their cracked, chipped appearance forms a vivid contrast to the pristine products on display, a contrast which takes on a different form in the exterior event space, where shelving units are made of battered plastic crates and rusty pallets to confirm the impression of a modest design that forms a monumental tribute to local history.


This project was featured in the latest volume of our retail-design series, Powershop 6. Get your copy here.

Location 2204-4 Orishikisego, Hasami, Higashisonogi District, Nagasaki 859-3701, Japan

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