Dogs’ Hotel by WHBC Architects

Dog owners may now call upon the popular services of professional boarding kennels.

KUALA LUMPUR – Malaysian WHBC Architects recently completed an unconventional hotel – nestled in the midst of a tangled mass of tropical vegetation, near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – that procures quality accommodation for none other than man’s best friend.

Dog owners who often find themselves in need of substitute pet care may now call upon the increasingly popular services of professional boarding kennels such as this one. Run by a couple of knowledgeable and experienced operators, six concrete doghouses equipped with steel platforms – for these loving creatures to lie comfortably in the sun – provide them with a dependable, secure and pleasant environment.

While the kennels were designed to match the shape of Snoopy's iconic doghouse, architects from WHBC deemed it necessary to ensure natural daylighting, adequate ventilation, and design-integrated protective measures against mosquitoes or other potentially harmful animals.

Perfectly adapted to the jungle’s harsh conditions, the doghouses are scattered on the four-acre plantation accordingly with the site’s existing trees and boulders. The concrete and stone constructions allow for the humid natural setting to eventually triumph and weather the materials.

Photos courtesy of Kent Soh

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