Durr by Skrekkøgle

Durr has been created by the Oslo-based designers at Skrekkøgle.

When is a watch not a watch? When it’s a 'watch-thing' called Durr, out now in the beta version from the designers at Skrekkøgle.

Skrekkøgle is the Oslo-based studio of Theo Tveterås and Lars Marcus Vedeler who 'make things together'. The thing that the duo has made recently is Durr, developed to explore how we perceive durations of time in different situations.

How long can a few minutes feel in an awkward situation? Or how quickly time passes when we are having fun? Having a 'shivering' bracelet on your wrist that issues a reminder whenever 5 minutes has passed gives us a certain clarity of perception, depending on a number of factors. The haptic rhythm makes us notice the changing tempo of time and gives us a subjective understanding of how long our actions can feel in reality.

How did the designers opt for this specific time measurement? Here's what they say, 'We had a feeling that 5 minutes was optimal from the first prototypes, but we asked a few friends to be test subjects on 10 minutes, 15 minutes and with different vibration patterns. Long story short, we were initially right, 5 minutes is perfect. You'd be wrong thinking that it's stressfully often. It's not. Promise.'

Since the early prototype was developed and released at the turn of this year, the intriguing faceless timepiece is now available in a range of four colours and runs with a replaceable coin cell battery. No more idling away the hours in endless daydreams with this on your wrist. It will remind you – forever (as long as you replace the battery) – of the passing of time, jolting you back to reality every 5 minutes. A new metronome for our daily routine? Things could suddenly get a lot more productive around here.

Images courtesy of Skrekkøgle.

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