DUS Architects 3D prints recyclable façade for temporary Europe Building

AMSTERDAM – When the Netherlands prepares for a new presidency, not just any building will do. The half-year-long assembly for Europe’s politicians marks an opportunity for an architectural statement which represents the now.

On the Amsterdam site of the 3D Print Canal House, DUS architects and their team of partners put their printing skills to the test in the construction version of the hundred yard dash. Capable of producing seamless objects up to 2m wide and 3.5m tall, their XXL printer paused from layering up the canal house components to realize the initiative’s first printed offspring to enter the public domain: the Europe Building.

Situated on the city’s historic Maritime island, a temporary structure is swathed with crisp white sails to illustrate the nation’s nautical ways. Taking the definition of a curtain wall to literal terms, the sails effortlessly lift to reveal the building's entrance flanked by a series of bespoke 3D-printed bio-plastic elements. Fitting into triangulated alcoves like puzzle pieces, EU-blue hued benches present a parametric relief pattern which denotes the union’s countries.

During evening hour activities, an aquamarine illumination surges across the building’s translucent veil. After the conclusion of the presidency residency, the plastic prototypes will be tossed into the shredder for reuse.

Photos Ossip van Duivenbode


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