Dutch Design Week 2016 boasts a projection of at least 275,000 visitors

Maarten Baas (Photo courtesy of Mike Roelofs)

EINDHOVEN – The 15th edition of Eindhoven's Dutch Design Week (DDW), slated for the week of 22–30 October, features a sprawling 2500 national and international designers exhibiting in over 100 venues across the city, and boasts a projection of at least 275,000 visitors. With a stated objective of introducing designers to entrepreneurs, the Dutch Design Foundation appoints two ambassadors each year to pool their networks and make this vision a reality under the auspices of a specific theme, all manifesting ‘Dutch design’ values of free, unconventional thinking.

For 2016, renowned designer Maarten Baas and Fairphone creator Bas van Abel take on these roles, respectively reflecting the festival’s emphasis on interdisciplinary experimentation and sustainable, civic-minded design. ‘The Making of’ serves as this year’s theme, placing emphasis on the production process as well as the producers themselves, as opposed to the ultimate object or function, of design. The DDW commissioned Amsterdam-based firm Fabrique to create a public campaign for this theme that would cast it as an invitation to experience this otherwise ‘behind the scenes’ aspect of design.

The festival’s regular offerings include the Design Academy Eindhoven’s Graduation Show and the presentation of the annual Dutch Design Awards, as well as a music programme.

For the second time, Frame Publishers will curate the official DDW Shop. The shop, designed by students of the Royal Academy of Art The Hague, will be open during the whole 9 days of the event. The shop (located in Klokgebouw) will stock products from more than 30 local and international designers, as well as design-focused books and magazines released by Frame Publishers.


Photo courtesy of Mike Roelofs 


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