Dutch Invertuals contemplates diverse design scenarios for our future landscape

EINDHOVEN – Dutch Invertuals presents 13 designers who provide a glimpse into the future of design with the collective’s latest exhibition Power Play, presented this week at Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. This body of work explores diverse scenarios that contemplate potential future energy landscapes, for example utilising the ultimate capabilities of the sun’s power. The space is equipped with a diverse range of large installations, abstract objects in vivid colour and more conceptual pieces. Each work displays to visitors an interplay of technologies and an overload of possibilities that extend our notion of familiar or reality.

Two of the designers experiment with the concept of the sun’s energy, perceiving the subject matter in vastly different ways. Studio EDHV, for example, uses its project Frozen Light to illustrate that energy, intuitively linked to heat, can be harvested from a variety of unexpected places. To prove this statement, the designers worked around the concept of slowly releasing frozen energy from a block of ice. The objects work cohesively to show the complex relationship between the sun and earth, whilst placing a central focus on the unique beauty of melting. Meanwhile, Daniel De Bruin considers the sun’s relationship with oil. ‘Besides being a source of power, the sun is a visual source of thought,’ says Bruin.  Although fascinated with the power of the sun’s resources, the visual appearance of the installation conflicts with the material it is made from – oil. The designer therefore makes the statement that he has faith in emerging technologies, though doubting the reduction in the monopolising presence of oil.

Another theme explored at the exhibition is the human relationship with energy. Studio Emma & Tijs’ focus is on the possibilities of harvesting all power outlets, in particular human-generated power. The designers explore this concept by focusing on existing entities such as the human ear and have constructed vessels which can supposedly harvest the energy of visitors. Bastiaan also plays with the idea of an overload of power. By interweaving digital techniques, he makes a critical statement on the excessive energy usage of our future landscape. Visually, he envisions this project by an unseen force that shapes and moulds physical objects. The final result portrays his energy consumption in one day.

The Power Play exhibition can be found at Studio Eindhoven, Fuutlaan 12B during Dutch Design Week 2016.


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