Dynamic Spaces Installations by Dusen Dusen x Visual Magnetics

Textile designer Ellen Van Dusen of Dusen Dusen joined forces with Visual Magnetics to realize three interactive spaces which animated childhood sticker book memories into a playground for grown-ups. Unveiled to visitors of WantedDesign 2015, the vibrant 8-ft-tall by 15-ft-long canvas was surfaced with a patchwork of Dusen's signature geometric cut-outs. Formed with ModuLayer materials from the Dynamic Spaces collection of wall coverings, the moveable panels were hued in a palette of pastel gradients. With the flexibility to layer gradient upon gradient in limitless compositions, the formula for clash instead managed to generate a bold eye-catcher unified by the seamless blending of soft hues.

The inviting playground for WantedDesign's visitors – most of whom were likely born in the 80s – shows the potential of MindLayer's hybrid dry erase sticky notes and ModuLayer's fabric wallcoverings for interiors including collaborative spaces, meeting rooms, offices and studios. Magnetic backs allow them to be arranged into endless configurations.

If you were not one of the lucky individuals to release your inner child in real life, then take your jollies to the internet where the installation happily lives on within the digital realm. Discover your inner artist with the SFW online installation here.


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