Einszu33 transforms Gaggenau’s origins into gastronomical experience

NEW YORK CITY – To coincide with Gaggenau’s 333rd anniversary, Einszu33 created a live version of the kitchen brand in a series of pop-up dinners.

Einszu33 is behind the otherworldly design of Gaggenau’s pop-up Restaurant 1683. Named for the luxury kitchen-appliance manufacturer’s year of founding, the restaurant celebrated Gaggenau’s 333rd anniversary with a four-night pop-up at Manhattan’s Chelsea Art Beam gallery in September.

Restaurant 1683 injected New York’s Chelsea neighbourhood, one of the urban hubs of the art world, with a dose of the great outdoors. As local eating and communal dining experiences grow in popularity, Restaurant 1683’s design reflects Gaggenau’s humble beginnings and shows guests that current trends aren’t so far removed from 1683. Under the direction of three-Michelin-star chef Daniel Humm, the menu marries rich earthy flavours with the ultramodern cooking techniques for which Gaggenau is known.

The immersive culinary experience transported guests from New York to the Black Forest, reflecting Gaggenau’s mythical origins. Every element of Einszu33’s design drew parallels to the brand’s rich history. A massive cuckoo clock – a nod to the Black Forest’s signature export – greeted guests at the door, while mini kitchens were constructed from raw timber. Real trees were embedded in a stretch of moss against a curtained backdrop of the Black Forest.

Stepping through time, guests began their epicurean journey at an atmospheric cocktail reception. A real blacksmith forged nails in the space, which highlighted Gaggenau’s EB 333 oven. Moving beyond a black curtain, guests entered a cavernous low-ceilinged space with beams of light streaming through tall trees and mist permeating the air. Coming face to face with floor-to-ceiling waterfalls – and surrounded by the sounds of rushing water and the chirping of woodland birds – guests found their place amidst the forest.

Photos Noe Dewitt
Location 540 W 21st St, New York, NY


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