El Batel Auditorium & Conference Hall

Angled cut-outs, amorphous coloured benches and angled stairs contrast with pristine white walls, ceilings and floors.

CARTAGENA – Spanish practice Selgascano has realized a subtle horizontal mark on a narrow site at the Cartagena seafront.

The El Batel Auditorium & Conference Hall spans an incredible 210m in length, featuring a container-like shape perfectly integrated with the harbour landscape.

‘Everything here belongs to the port: the immaculate (straight) pier edge, the invariably (flat) calm sea, the artificially (flat) horizontal plane of the dock and the sky as the variable background for this plane,’ say architects José Selgas and Lucía Cano.

Varied materials – Plexiglas, wood, corrugated aluminium sheeting, concrete and polycarbonate – combine with the unexpected spatial articulation of the sparkling interior. The dazzling result contradicts the standard regularity of the exterior form.

Inspired by a plunge into water, the 1500-seat auditorium expands 15m below ground, inviting visitors into a submerged atmosphere.

Photos courtesy of Iwan Baan

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