Electricity Museum Lisbon Installation

The architects created distinct – yet visually permeable – spaces.

Visitors to Lisbon’s Electricity Museum might think they’re seeing things through yellow-tinted lenses, as an exhibition is casting a lemony glow over the space.

Using giant plastic strips, architects Ricardo Carvalho and Joana Vilhena created a system of transparent yellow walls that hang from existing metal beams. When arranged side-by-side, the plastic strips form columns that guide visitors through the exhibition. In the centre is a defined room with a table and benches to be used for educational purposes; in a neighbouring space, catalogues and magazines about artists’ works are also displayed.

Carvalho and Vilhena divided the area into three distinct spaces, where the relation between the art and museum could be maximized to its fullest potential. Currently on show at the EDP New Artists Prize 2011 exhibition are photographs, installations, paintings and drawings.

Photos courtesy Fernando Guerra | FG + SG.

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