Employees give meaning to Hyundai Capital’s UK HQ

LONDON – Led by Philippe Paré, Gensler leverages adaptive workspace design for the new Hyundai Capital headquarters in Reigate, Surrey.

The 865-sq-m environment reflects the flexibility of the workforce as well as the company: accommodating the diverse working styles of the employees, and the evolving needs of Hyundai Capital as it transitions from financial services to financial technology.

Design and architecture firm Gensler is known for its thoughtful consideration of the varying degrees of concentration vs collaboration required by different employees throughout the workday. Gensler’s signature, a spectrum of working zones, is evident here once again.

The traditional reception area has been eliminated in favour of an open-plan social space. The Hyundai Capital office is divided into six key areas: Living Room, Kitchen, Game Room, Meeting Rooms, Open Workspace and Office Lockers.

It’s no coincidence that several of these are directly inspired by areas in the home. Gensler takes its cues from the comfortable and relaxed ambiance of the home to encourage socialization and collaboration. In response to the client’s request for a space that would empower its employees, Gensler came up with an adaptive design that adds value to various work or social activities.

To contribute to the comfort and familiarity of their work environment, Hyundai Capital employees are encouraged to bring in plants, vinyl records, books, and other objects, to co-opt the space and make it their own.


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