End…Link by Yasunari Tsukada

Yasunari Tsukada developed a flexible system for the salon’s styling area.

The owner of End…Link had certain requests for the beauty salon’s upgrade in Osaka, says designer Yasunari Tsukada. ‘The styling space is where the client’s particular obsessions and passions became clear. He wanted various functional elements incorporated into the mirrored surfaces for storing or displaying objects.’

Aiming to provide a flexible, extendable system for the interior, Tsukada developed a series of three-dimensional lattice screens, which he likens to ‘parts of a jungle gym that function as architectural furniture. No particular significance is attached to the latticed forms, but when light fixtures, glass panels, hooks and other objects are added, the system takes on a new dimension.’

The addition of glass panels, for instance, creates display shelves or tables. The level to which the system is transformed, says Tsukada, depends on the efforts and creativity of the staff.

Photos Stirling Elmendorf

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