Endesa Pavilion by IaaC

The pavilion’s extended surfaces are also ideal as a shading shelter.

BARCELONA – While photovoltaic panels are typically used on roofs – an otherwise unused surface – the Endesa Pavilion proposes going a step further towards the implementation of green tech in commercial housing.

Thanks to its modular panels and inclined surfaces (which maximize sunlight impact), the pavilion is able to make the most of the energetic resources available. It can work as a testbed for informational grid technologies.

Dubbed the Solar House 2.0, the project was designed by IaaC with the support of Endesa. It will be on show at the Marina Pier in Barcelona for the Smart City Expo Congress, and for a year it will act as a meeting point for knowledge exchange.

Photos courtesy of Adrià Goula


Billboard: German Design Council
Billboard: German Design Council

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