In 2018, enter the future of living

COLOGNE, Germany – The world’s leading trade fair for interiors, IMM Cologne is a global gathering place for renowned designers and brands alongside emerging designers and their experimental products. Taking place from 15 to 21 January next year, IMM Cologne is a diverse amalgamation of ideas that coalesce in an annual design event prompting discussion on the future of living.

Comprising various exhibition areas dedicated to every aspect of interior spaces, Pure is the longest-standing and largest segment at the fair. The returning exhibitors have earned reputations for quality and innovation by using IMM Cologne as a platform. The latest furniture collections are exhibited in noteworthy installations and structures created by internationally renowned architecture and design studios. Earlier this year, i29 constructed a glass cube that renegotiated visual boundaries and referenced current trends with its inverted design.

In 2018, the Featured Editions segment will host Light Labs to explore the myriad possible applications of light in expanding and altering perceptions of space. The theme of light is present in the Das Haus – Interiors on Stage exhibit as well; utilizing increments of illumination as conceptualized by designer Lucie Koldova.


Incorporating the works of designers on all scales, IMM Cologne offers a holistic perspective on current trends in interior design. From wallcoverings and flooring to furniture and lighting – eleven exhibition halls celebrate every design element we encounter indoors on a daily basis, seeking to improve our material experiences. Encouraging experimentation and multidisciplinary collaboration, the annual trade fair attracts more than 1,200 exhibitors worldwide and is an industry event not to be missed.

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