Erik’s Designbuss by Erik Olovsson

As the bus moves from city to city, it attracts attention and raises awareness of Olovsson’s project.

After graduating from art and design school earlier this year, Swede Erik Olovsson launched his own design office in a unique space: a self-propelled mobile studio.

Erik’s Design Bus
began its journey in Stockholm in March, and has since been traveling across Sweden, seeking commissions along the way. The studio is equipped with a photo and print shop where Olovsson can take on small commissions for local companies, like printing menus, animation, business cards, brochures, logos and signs.  
‘I want to explore my role as a designer and be my own producer, in the same time challenge the norms in the business,’ Olovsson says. Instead of sitting in behind a computer in an office all day, he can ‘find inspiration in real life’ and experience face-to-face contact with clients.

Olovsson decides with customers what his time and services are worth, and exchanges this for other services as opposed to money.

Photos courtesy Erik Olovsson.

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