Event is Now at Frame Store Amsterdam

Eclectic art and set director Anna Lomax shares vision with an exhibition inside Frame store Amsterdam.

Maker, art director and set designer Anna Lomax creates vibrant, moving and neon illuminated installations. With successful collaborations with the likes of Nike, Kenzo, Clarks and Guerlain under her belt, she began by studying illustration in Brighton (London-by-See), a city where colour is as omnipresent as the ocean.

Lomax is intrigued by colour, inventions, movement and scale but is also fascinated by the bizarre, pop-culture, folk art, pound shops and even other people's junk. All these ingredients are combined to give a unique signature to Lomax's still lifes and large installations. Her work gives us an insider's perspective into her own magical world in a Nouveaux Réalistes way.

Although colour is evident in her work, Lomax herself doesn't think about colour specifically when she is working on a project; 'It just happens. It can be a very good tool to evoke certain feelings of association or nostalgia which is something that happens naturally. I guess I like colourful things because they make me feel happy. It is the same as wearing colourful clothes – If I'm wearing all grey or black I would avoid me, I'm probably in a bad mood.'

For the Frame Store at Herengracht 178 in Amsterdam – designed by award-winning interior architects i29 – Lomax will take over the interior by exhibiting her work in the canal-side store window, the store itself and the period room. 'I'm making some large scale sculptures; a combination of rubber dipped metal and neon lights. They are going to be quite architectural in their form referencing the grand features of the period rooms but with a real nod to the domestic with materials like carpet and Venetian blinds – real mundane, everyday things.'

When Robert Thiemann – editor-in-chief of Frame – asked Lomax to design the cover of the Jan/Feb 2015 issue of Frame magazine, the only briefing Lomax received was the theme of the issue: Event. Lomax decided to picture the ultimate events in life – from the beginning to the end and everything in between – and illustrate the fan-fair of the occasion. Embracing the tradition of making New Year's resolutions, Lomax thought to depict the notion that thousands of people make resolutions to try and become an improved, better version of themselves – almost as if they are reborn every year. The cover image aims to celebrate this idea; a 3D model of an arch is the focal element of the photoshoot, while dry ice clouds and confetti illustrate a before and after scene.

Event is Now opens Thursday, January 22nd from 17.00 – 19.00 at Frame store Amsterdam and will remain on view until 22 February 2015. Find prints, sculptures and posters by Anna Lomax at the Frame store and on frameweb.com/store.

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