Expandable Surface Wall

‘The relationship between geometry, material and structure was a constant challenge,’ Bek says.

A self-supporting expandable surface has been created by three designers whose goal was to explore the limits in planar cutting patterns. The Expandable Surface Wall has a 3D surface made through a digital fabrication discourse.

‘Learning from the material – 6.5mm birch – was a primary guide in our process,’ say designers Jacob Bek, Nacho Martí and Pablo Zamorano. ‘Conceptually, our primary goal was to develop a relationship and dialogue between a design process, material, a fabrication process and structure.’

They first conducted physical experiments in creating linear incisions into simple sheets of paper. This system was ultimately translated into a series of panels that could be connected via a structural equilibrium.

Click here to see a video of the wall being constructed!

The project was on display at the Projects Review Exhibition at the Architectural Association in London earlier this year. It was created in collaboration with the Emergent Technologies & Design Research Program.

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