S-p-a-c-e Projects thinks (coral) pink for Fabienne Chapot’s Haarlem store

Haarlem, Netherlands – Millennials’ preferred shade of pink is shifting from that subdued bubble gum to a punchy coral – thanks, Pantone – and retail interiors (beyond those of Acne) are quickly beginning to exhibit the change. Such is the case with the Fabienne Chapot’s redesigned Haarlem store, done by local studio S-p-a-c-e Projects.

Fabienne Chapot – a womenswear company that was established in Amsterdam in 2006 – just opened brick-and-mortar locations in the Dutch capital and Antwerp last year. A few months after, the eyewear brand Ace & Tate unveiled its highlighter-hued Van Woustraat flagship designed by S-p-a-c-e Projects. The studio is brand new to Amsterdam, only established last year by Pepijn Smit. But, with the completion of Ace & Tate store, Smit proved something: that he knew how to express a brand’s identity with colour.

And so, only a half a year after Fabienne Chapot’s Amsterdam and Antwerp stores were erected, the namesake designer, her new retail director Jan Willem Verbaan and long-time creative director Sophie van Bentum rang S-p-a-c-e Projects; Smit was briefed to create a universal store concept. The goal – from the locations in the Netherlands to Chapot’s space in Galeries Lafayette – was to create ‘boldly feminine’ interiors that would complement the vibrancy of collections to come.

Beyond swathing the exterior in pink to reflect femininity, the team used the architectural forms inside to convey the design narrative. The sculptural furniture system was created in curves – the archetypical feminine shape – not lines. The façade, floors and furniture keep with each other palette-wise, nearly morphing into one another, but are ultimately balanced by champagne-white walls and travertine and brass details. 

Fabienne Chapot’s spaces before lacked exactly what Smit was able to provide: ebullience. Tasteful and sleek – yet fun – the interiors let the garments – and wearers – express themselves in a brand-appropriate setting to boot.


Location Barteljorisstraat 24 2011RB Haarlem, the Netherlands

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