Family Special: Polyamory by Pinar&Viola

A range of porcelain plates focuses on a loving family comprised of six adults and four children.

Weary of today’s internet-driven culture, the image-makers at Pinar&Viola paused for a period of introspection and deliberation, which included digging through dusty books. The result of their research is Family Special: Polyamory, a collection of porcelain plates that focuses on family. Not just any family, but an imaginary group of six loving adults and their four children, depicted in digital paintings.

In response to hostility aimed at the growing presence of alternative families in France, the country that Pinar&Viola currently calls home, the outfit produced timeless portraits in scenes that incorporate Disney’s Bambi and characters from the Wizard of Oz. Faces splashed with colourful paint transform parents and kids into garden nymphs and other mythical creatures.

The official launch of the collection coincided with a wedding ceremony organised by Pinar&Viola in Paris between two men and a woman. In a relationship for four years, the consenting group exchanged vows in an Haussmannian French apartment in the presence of the topical plates.

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