Fantoni responds to two key trends in workspace design

Frame 119, the latest issue of the magazine, dives into the future of workspace design. With a growing dissatisfaction against the nine-to-five work life, designers are focusing on catering to the individual worker and highlighting the advantages of a human-centric office space. One provider of workspace solutions leading the way in this cultural shift is Fantoni, a manufacturer of office furniture and partition and storage systems.

How we work is changing, and our workplaces are required to evolve along with our work culture. To increase employee engagement, Fantoni allows offices to maximize flexibility with the Acoustic Room, and the Woods by Metrica collection. Answering shifts in office culture, Fantoni transforms the concept of flexible work environments from marketing spiel to a true response to what workers do during the day. Since 1882, architecture, research and total design have been the guiding principles for the company’s growth and its development of products that are ever more innovative and dedicated to the well-being of people.

Woods by Metrica is a complete series of tables, focusing on modularity and offering ‘focus’ stations as well as tables dedicated to group work – from meeting areas to collaboration spaces. An integrated electronic mechanism adjusts the height of the table top, a key feature in responding to the wellbeing of workers as sitting has been declared the new smoking.

Adjustable tables are becoming a workplace standard, as employers are increasingly aware of the health risks of a desk-ridden lifestyle.

Teamwork and collaboration are undeniably integral to a company. But against the recent trend of open-plan offices, interior designers around the world are seeing a growing demand for privacy and acoustic isolation within the layout of the workspace.

Acoustic Room is a sound-deadening cube – creating a haven of calm and quiet for meetings or work requiring particular privacy and focus. Completely customizable in different dimensions and finishes, Acoustic Room can accommodate any design concept with flooring, partitions, and blinds that match the architectural language of the existing space.

Acoustic Room by Fantoni adds new spaces for focused work without costly renovations to interior walls.

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