Can scaling businesses benefit from a home-office set up?

Bangkok – Can’t work from home? Why not think like this Bangkok-based cosmetic company – and bring the head offices and flagship store to a home. A semi-detached building, formerly a family residence, has been repurposed by the local Fattstudio into a mixed-use build comprised of workspaces, a showroom and storefront. Offering amenities like ample natural light and an in-building car garage, Fattstudio’s retrofit indicates how scaling businesses can benefit from a ‘home-office’ set up.  

The 490-sq-m property extends over four floors; Fattstudio’s intervention focuses on taking advantage of the building’s verticality. Stacked shelving of various heights and widths doubles as a stair structure. For a handrail, Fattstudio opted for a floor-to-ceiling lattice-screen, continuing a similar square motif. On the third storey, Fattstudio removed a portion of the floor plate to create a dramatic double-height space for its product showroom below.

In addition, the designers modified the existing structure to support the back-of-house spaces. An L-shaped service area at the building rear allows staff to comfortably circulate throughout the shop. The top-most floor was converted into an employee hub and office space, with features like an office bar, meeting room, pantry, storage area and even a bed tucked into the ceiling for the occasional nap.

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Location Phlabphla, Wang Thonglang, Bangkok 10310, Thailand

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