An Amsterdam store makes buying furniture easier – with the help of a mini cinema

Amsterdam – In the most recently opened flagship from Fest – a fast-growing single-brand furniture company based out of Amsterdam – there’s one room in which all sofas on offer are upholstered in textiles the same garnet-red as that of traditional cinema seating. The parallel goes further: prospective buyers are actually invited to sit back and watch a movie from sofas – to belly laugh at Moonrise Kingdom or ugly sob at Forrest Gump as they would from home.

Why is this ‘mini cinema’ such an important feature of the store? According to Femke Furnée, Fest’s founder, ‘When you try out a sofa in a store, you sit stiffly and straight, while at home, most of us are hanging on the sofa and watching a movie. Here, you can experience the real comfort of the piece before it’s in your house.’ The new Amsterdam West space, which is designed by S-p-a-c-e Projects, is only the third from the brand. 

‘We are a young company and our team is in the middle of our own target group, which allows us to understand the needs of our customers,’ explains Furnée. ‘The purchase of a piece of furniture is a big and important choice, so we want to make the process as easy and exciting as possible.’

Pepijn Smit of S-p-a-c-e Projects opted for a soft, welcoming palette in the main showroom area where Fest’s eye-catching collections are displayed.  Here, curved surfaces under foot, above and on the wall provide for organic ambience. Toward the back, a high-contrast hallway with linear tube lighting guides store visitors into the mini cinema.

For Smit, the fluid atmosphere of the space symbolizes the important role intuition plays in consumer journeys.  ‘[I considered] not only why choices are made, but also how these choices are made,’ says Smit. ‘I tried to translate this to an interior in which everything is connected - like the words of a poem.’

Location De Clercqstraat 44, 1052 NG Amsterdam

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