Field by Numen/For Use

The project infuses a graffiti-ridden industrial scene with a green landscape.

Croatian collective Numen/For Use’s latest project is a carpeted, floating field transforming a former slaughter house.

‘It’s a spatial project related to our comprehension of nature, its resources and our attitude towards it,’ says designer Sven Jonke of Numen/For Use. The structure is neither suspended from the ceiling or propped up from the ground; instead, it appears to be ‘floating on pulsating piece of textile in between closed walls.’

Jonke says humans often perceive the world in two ‘paradoxical paradigms:’ as an immobile mass of infinite weight or as a plain, two-dimensional surface. The installation is intended to recall both of these mentalities.

The designers also say the piece undergoes a vegetative cycle, ‘from sprouting to disintegration’,  which put them in the position of farmers. ‘From one side, we witness the incredible fact that plants grow out of cloth, and from the other we face the fatal consequences of insufficient or over irrigation,’ they say.  

The installation was created for Zagreb's D-Day festival in June.

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