Firma Casa

The graphic potted plant façade envelops the building.

SÃO PAULO – An art gallery and showroom in São Paulo has a green facade, courtesy of the Campana Brothers and SuperLimão Studio.

This was the Campanas’ first landscape architecture design project. Using over 6000 seedlings of snake plants – a popular Brazilian foliage – the brothers hung individual vases to form an ‘origami of aluminium sheets.’ The plants’ leaves are used in African-Brazilian religious traditions and are believed to have healing properties.

SuperLimão Studio designed the draining system, which allows water to flow from one vase to the next until eventually reaching the ground. Not only does this system produce no chemical residue, but it’s a crucial element as the neighbourhood is often flooded by heavy rain.

The gallery is owned by Sonia Diniz, who was one of the Campana brothers’ first supporters in Brazil, back in the early 1990s. Firma Casa can be visited at Alameda Gabriel Monteiro da Silva, 1.487, Jardim Paulistano, São Paulo.

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