Flesch and Blood

Nevay's art is inspired by traditional British portraits. ('The collector').

The paintings of Scottish artist Heather Nevay conjure disturbing feelings. They depict a world exclusively inhabited by children, yet is far from idyllic and cheerful.

Nevay's imagery draws inspiration from traditional British portraits; her characters and background landscapes are also reminiscent of Hyeronimus Bosch. However, the questions she highlights are universal and contemporary.

Each painting is imbued with a mysterious atmosphere. On the surface, they are simple portraits, but the expression in the eyes of the children is mysterious and almost menacing. They have a look of defiance that evokes childhood as inaccessible isolation.

The scenes are filled with objects that puzzle the viewer. Small seemingly toys-animals are hung upside down, suggesting cruelty, while dollhouses are on fire. Upon closer investigation, the background landscapes reveal corners and walls, as if they were painted on walls of boxes.

Nevay's solo show Flesch and Blood runs until 3 March at 101/Exhibit Gallery, Miami.

Photos courtesy of the artist and 101/Exhibit Gallery.

101 NE 40th Street
Miami, Florida 33137

Billboard: German Design Council
Billboard: German Design Council

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