How can this sofa be both innovative and timeless at once?

Meda, Italy – There are few things as evocative of the warmth of home as the weaved basket pattern. It is also, beyond that, an immediate reference to a time-honed craft.

Fittingly, it is also the pattern of one of Flexform’s new classics: the aptly named Cestone sofa. The big basket was designed by Antonio Citterio and unveiled at the Salone del Mobile in Milan a decade ago. ‘Time is an unyielding judge,’ Citterio mused when thinking of this landmark anniversary. ‘It relegates to oblivion everything that is entirely void of authentic content.’ And his creation, backed by a design concept that is still current today and by exquisitely executed construction details, truly stands the test of time.

One way to illustrate this is be examining the Cestone’s usual position in the living room of many consumers. Up until a decade ago, sofas were most often placed against a wall, along the perimeter of the living room. But thanks to the attention Flexform and Citterio placed on the back and the sides of the structure, it is now a star player in any layout. In that sense, it has overturned the design perspectives of living room décor.

But it’s not just a matter of visuals, with the instantly recognizable checkerboard pattern: this is an example of made-in-Italy design and craftsmanship, while sourcing high-quality materials – namely, local cowhide. To create the pattern, an expert artisan first checks for any imperfections in the strip prepared for processing. It is then treated in a way that maintains its beauty as it ages. The processed cowhide is cut into strips and painstakingly woven by hand, with the pieces then being meticulously stitched. After the aluminium buttons go in, the woven material is used to upholster the metal structure of the seat back and armrest.

The Cestone comes in 13 different colours, four of them in suede, and it can be paired with its eponymous coffee tables topped in Canaletto walnut or ash. This variety of shades and complements have turned it into a central piece of many private interior projects throughout its 10 years of existence – and to the sofa’s credit, most of those living rooms look as timeless as they did on the first day.

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