Flower House by EZZO

This restorated house blends modern convenience with the charm of Porto's historical streetscape.

PORTO – In Porto, within the neighbourhood of Foz Velha’s compact traditional urban fabric, rests Portuguese studio EZZO’s latest architectural intervention. Contemporary in form and yet conveying continuity in the local vernacular built heritage, this modest house has undergone extensive restoration which skillfully blends modern convenience with the charm of the historical streetscape.

As the Flower House subtly sits among a tight tangle of narrow streets and winding alleys, its refurbishment called for site-specific design strategies, providing a respectful architectural response while catching picturesque views of the Douro River.

The residence, steeped in regional culture, boasts elegant all-white façades. Following the renovation of the existing ground floor, the upper floor was entirely rebuilt so as to allow local architect César Machado Moreira to develop a free-flowing, flexible interior layout, bringing about qualities that contribute to the inhabitant’s comfort.

It is safe to say that the studio’s take on such an adaptive reuse project has an honest contemporary twist which enables the creation of inspirational spaces with lasting values, shaping a renewed and unique architectural language.

Photos João Ferrand







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