Folded Concrete Stools By Sam Jennings

Jennings' subverts the characteristics of familiar materials in his work.

Sam Jennings of Falmouth University subverts the characteristics of familiar materials in his graduate project Folded Concrete Stools.

In his initial sketches, Jennings examines how fabric folds and moves. Wanting to communicate this movement into sculptural form, Jennings experimented with various materials. Beginning with clay, Jennings ultimately found Concrete Canvas™ to be a satisfying solution – the flexible cement-impregnated fabric can be manipulated like cloth.

With Folded Concrete Stools Jennings subverts the qualities of concrete. Folds of seemingly soft fabric form the loadbearing legs of the stool. The concrete structure is connected in a simple manner to the wooden seat, looping through a gap in the wood and over a wooden rod that sits atop the bench.

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