Folk in a Box

Once the doors shut, a musician performs one song for the single spectator.

Dubbed the UK’s ‘smallest performance venue,’ Folk in a Box is a performing booth that seats only one audience member at a time.

The booth, designed by London-based architect Cristina Monteiro, can be moved between various venues like festivals, arts centres and street corners.

When the audience member enters the box, the space is almost fully dark. The door is shut behind him or her and one musician from a collective, including Dom Coyote and Emily Barker, then performs a single song. The doors are then opened and the audience member can leave. 

‘The box is designed to feel familiar yet strange in a wide variety of places, from living rooms to high streets,’ Monteiro says. ‘It’s not quite sure if it’s a building or furniture, new or old. Folk in a Box offers a theatrical and intimate experience and I wanted to create an architectural language that relates to that.’

Folk in a Box been used at the Tate Britain, the Royal Festival Hall, Battersea Arts Centre and at a slew of festivals.

Photos courtesy Sakiko Kohashi.

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