Food For Thought by Maayan Pesach

Tribaling Mass Production dinner set illustrates the origin of food.

Lasting a lifetime, vivid memories stem from experience, places, events and even objects. Food for Thought by Isreali Eindhoven-based Maayan Pesach comprises a full survey – interviews with people from different age groups, backgrounds and beliefs – looking at how smell, appearance, texture and sound can instigate recollection. The strongest accounts were captured in a large anthology – a culinary collection of anecdotes, fantasies, rituals and recipes.

Emulating written reflections, Pesach created the Tribaling Mass Production dinner set to illustrate the origin of food. Industry waste material – bones, hair and skins – combine with discarded consumer products to become post-fossil dishes and totemic tableware. The semi-functional pieces instil a more respectful relationship between hunters and the hunted.

Food for Thought has been shown during the Design Academy Graduation Show 2013, the Design Academy’s 2013 Salone del Mobile showcase, Lidewij Edelkoort’s Nomadic Expo and most recently at Object Rotterdam 2014.

Photos Ronald Smits

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