For DDW 2019: Here is the shortlist for the Frame x Bolon Design Challenge

Eindhoven – Bolon is our partner for this year’s Frame Design Challenge at the upcoming Dutch Design Week. We offer studios on the rise the opportunity to showcase their proposals at the Veem Building during the celebration of DDW 2019.

What was the starting point this year? Bolon’s Diversity collection, which features three flooring patterns that empower users to express personality through combining the different colours, shapes and patterns. The collection celebrates playfulness, variation and participation.

Within the context of personalization, we invited Netherlands-based studios to give shape to their vision of Diversity for the Frame x Bolon installation that will be presented during this DDW 2019. We asked them to present design concepts that would be fun and playful, and that would invite people to enter the space and immerse themselves into the world of Bolon, while getting an idea of what adaptable and customisable collections, such as Diversity, mean for the future of spatial design.

Here are the four proposals that made it to our shortlist.


The proposal
To Simone, it was ‘fascinating that the products can be personalised.’ To hear, that meant that tiles could be made in all sorts of shapes, creating original patterns through which different textures and colours could become entangled into one floor. The installation would highlight this hyper-personalisation by showing a vast array of different combinations of patterns, colours and sizes. This would be achieved in a playful manner to give the sense that one could easily play around with it, and that many beautiful combinations could be made. All of this would be done with the only technique suitable to Bolon: weaving, as particularly in the new collection so many different structures have been woven into one product.

Why it made the shortlist
We believe this concept would result in a very aesthetic and photogenic space with a leading role for the fabrics, especially because she was showing such a vast array of colours and combinations. Besides that, the fact that she thought about a life for the installation after being demolished was a big plus for us.



The proposal
They took three rolls of Bolon flooring as a visual starting point, marking the left side of the area. Starting there, the Bolon flooring would spread to the right side of the area. They wanted to create the feeling as if the floor is fresh off the roll and is, along the distance from left to right, developing into a playful landscape that re-defines the flat nature of the flooring material. By allowing the visitor to sit on top of the product, the flooring doesn’t become mere decoration. That elevates the material of the Bolon flooring to be the hero, supplying in all necessities.

Why it made the shortlist
We think the concept would result in a very aesthetic space with a leading role for the fabrics. We also really like the touch of referencing the logo in the shapes integrated in the space, and the way they made use of the roles in their design.



The proposal
Mo Man Tai proposed an experiential space that offers multiple perspectives, challenging the visitor to collect their personal views. It is an installation that ‘makes you smile and invites you to walk towards it.’ This is because the yarns used in the collection have a subtle gloss, providing a shimmering effect as light reflects off their woven surfaces.

Why it made the shortlist
We really liked how dynamic, mesmerising and photogenic the installation is, and believe it would catch attention from afar. We appreciate their thinking about the restrictions of the building, and how they adapted the concept to that. There is definitely an element of discovery and interaction in the concept.



The proposal
A team of two people, dressed in Bolon jumpsuits, would place a diversity of floor patterns all day, each day. The main surface is the flooring that grows in height during DDW. This would a dynamic and three-dimensional landscape on which the visitors can walk and explore. The backdrops would be shelves that serve as storage and warehouse for the floor tiles and rolls. The process and change of the floor patterns would be captured on camera and projected on the wall as a time-lapse.

Why it made the shortlist
We appreciated the fact that it’s an ever-changing environment, and in line with this, that they thought about finding a way to highlight this even more with the time-lapse.

And as for the winner of our Frame x Bolon Design Challenge? Stay tuned: we will reveal the studio and the concept shortly.

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